Roles Created by Tradition

The video above represents Obama being proud to be an American citizen and being proud of what his traditional roles in the US that he does and his great pride in doin it,
The president of the United Staes is the Party leader and chief of state, you may notice none of these can be seen in the Constitution but they are mandatory with being president.

The president does his few roles and this video shows what got him where he is.

This video relates to the president's roles created by tradition because this video shows all the problems he is facing that is being blamed on Obama but according to the song the problem is with the economy. This video mentions the problems with the stock markets and many other things that are included in the presidents's roles.


The President can belong to the Republican or democrat party. He is the leader of the party and chief of tate. His power is useful to support the party's goals or candidates. Obama as we all know is leader of the Democratic party.
As chief of state he also addresses the nation and expresses the values and goals of the poeple. This means he gives awards and attends many ceremonies to award these great citizens who show good leadership and other qualities well enough to be recognized.

external image 20060829-2_medal-515h.jpg
George Bush shakes the hand of the legendary Fats Domino after presenting him with a National Medal of Arts medal Tuesday August 26 2006.